Finance Department – Archive, 2012

10618-F dt. 31.12.2012e-Payment is Mandatory for all types of Government Payments
10617-F dt. 31.12.2012Grant of DA to Employees who are drawing prerevised Pay Scale
10616-F dt. 31.12.2012Grant of Dearness Allowance to Other than Govt. Employees
10615-F dt. 31.12.2012Grant of Dearness Allowance @ 52% w.e.f. January, 2013
1700-FB dt. 31.12.2012Further Allotment of Fund up to March 2013
10581-F dt. 28.12.2012Scale movement of Officers of W.B. State Constituted Service
10580-F dt. 28.12.2012Amendment to Career Advancement Scheme
10578-F dt. 28.12.2012Revised procedure for Over the Counter Receipt through GRIPS
10445-F dt. 24.12.2012Validity period of Cheque, Draft, Pay Order, Banker’s Cheque
10263-F dt. 18.12.2012Refund of Money Deposited to GPF/ Suspense Head – Procedure
10257-F dt. 18.12.2012Corrigendum of No. 10184-F dt. 13.12.2012
10184-F dt. 13.12.2012Interdepartmental Transfer of Land – AA&FS
10015-F dt. 10.12.2012Government Holidays for the year 2013
10001-F dt. 07.12.2012Pending Payment in Implementing COSA Package
9754-F dt. 03.12.2012Re-Tender Procedure of West Bengal Government
9701-F dt. 30.11.2012Help Desk for e-Procurement of Goods and Services
9668-F dt. 30.11.2012List of Banks to Conduct State Govt. Business
9368-F dt. 20.11.2012Mandatory Generation of Salary Bills through COSA Software
9266-F dt. 16.11.2012Functions of Review Committee for Suspension of Govt. Employee
9243-F dt. 14.11.2012Appointment of Group – D Post on Consolidated Remuneration
9233-F dt. 14.11.2012Sectional Holiday on account of Chhat Puja, 2012
1382-F dt. 12.11.2012Training on Workflow based Online File Tracking System
9145-F dt. 09.11.2012W.B. Services Recruitment to Clerical Cadre Rules – Amendment
9092-F dt. 07.11.2012Monthly Rate of Cleaning and Servicing of Telephone
FS-5439 dt. 06.11.2012Implementation of Workflow Based Online File Tracking System
8926-F dt. 02.11.2012Error in Ready Reckoner of WBS (ROPA), 1998
8912-F dt. 01.11.2012Change of rate of GPF Subscriptions
1340-FB dt. 01.11.2012Web-enabled workflow based file tracking system
8871-F dt. 31.10.2012Telephone Facility at the Residence of Govt. Employees
8749-F dt. 18.10.2012Medical Advance and Reimbursement – Power of Secretaries
8687-F dt. 16.10.2012Cost of Generic Medicines in Non-Empanelled HCO
8648-F dt. 12.10.2012Clarifications of Purchase Policy
8615-F dt. 12.10.2012Durga Puja Holidays in West Bengal
8391-F dt. 05.10.2012National Capital Region – Health Scheme
119 dt. 04.10.2012Process for seeking financial bids from empanelled TAs
8327-F dt. 03.10.2012Utilisation Certificate for Payment made as Grants-in-Aid
8298-F dt. 03.10.2012Government Receipt Portal System [GRIPS]
8246-F dt. 28.09.2012Medical Benefits for Pensioner/ Family Pensioner
8206-F dt. 27.09.2012Broadband Internet Connection in each Treasury
8183-F dt. 26.09.2012Clarifications of Purchase Policy – Engagement of Agency
8182-F dt. 26.09.2012Settlement of Disputes under Conditions of Contract of PWD
8154-F dt. 25.09.2012Deployment of Retired Person in Treasury as DEO
9008-F dt. 16.09.2011Regularization of Temporary Contractual Employees
398-F dt. 13.09.2012Modification of Single Comprehensive Form
7783-F dt. 11.09.2012Group Insurance Scheme 1987 – Table of Benefits, 2012-13
FS-116 dt. 10.09.2012Panel of Transaction Advisers for PPP projects
1056-FB dt. 10.09.2012Role, Duty & Responsibility of Financial Advisers
7578-F dt. 04.09.2012Further Guidelines for Empanelled Health Care Units
976-FB dt. 28.08.2012Specimen signature of nodal officers to be sent to NABARD
7335-F dt. 27.08.2012Amendment in PSC (Exemption from Consultation) Regulation
964-FB dt. 27.08.2012LDA with UC may be furnished straightaway to NABARD
7045-F dt. 16.08.2012Final 50% Arrear Payment to Other than State Govt. Employees
7044-F dt. 16.08.2012Final 50% Arrear Payment to State Govt. Employees
351-F dt. 07.08.2012Ex-gratia Payment to West Bengal Govt. Pensioners, 2012
6734-F dt. 03.08.2012Bonus/Ex-gratia to Employees of Public UT, 2011-12
6733-F dt. 03.08.2012Grant of Interest Free Festival Advance, 2012
6732-F dt. 03.08.2012Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to State Govt. Employees for 2011-12
801-FB dt. 31.07.2012Power Delegation to release States Matching Share
800-FB dt. 31.07.2012Allotment of Fund upto December, 2012
6424-F dt. 25.07.2012Constitution of State Level Core Committee i.r.o. e-Tender
6254-F dt. 27.07.2012Empowered Commitee of Public Private Partnership
6523-F dt. 27.07.2012Creation of PPP Cell in Finance Department
6522-F dt. 27.07.2012Empowered Committee of Secretaries in PPP Cell
6508-F dt. 27.07.2012Reimbursement of Medical Expense from Insurance Policy & WBHS
6427-F dt. 25.07.2012Delegation of Financial Power of Engineering Wings
6426-F dt. 25.07.2012Inclusion of Banks to Handle Govt Transaction
6424-F dt. 25.07.2012Formation of state level core committee for e-tender
766-FB dt. 24.07.2012West Bengal Compensatory Entry Tax Fund Rules, 2012
6037-F dt. 13.07.2012Implementation of COSA Extended upto 31.10.2012
5986-F dt. 12.07.2012Extension of Enrolment in WBHS upto 31.03.2013
5811-F dt. 06.07.2012Amendment of para 4 of 5266-F(H) dt. 21.06.2012
5458-F dt. 27.06.2012Financial Power of Engineer Officers
5424-F dt. 26.06.2012Clarification on e-Tender
FS-169 dt. 25.06.2012Restriction on Opening of Unlawful Co-operative (Chit Fund)
5400-F dt. 25.06.2012New Purchase Policy of West Bengal Government
5320-F dt. 22.06.2012Amendment of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977
5288-F dt. 22.06.2012Rate of Interest on GPF during the year 2012-13
5275-F dt. 21.06.2012Creation of Posts for the system of Financial Advisers
5267-F dt. 21.06.2012State Policy on Public Private Partnership (PPP)
5266-F dt. 21.06.2012PPP policy resolution of the State Government
5020-F dt. 15.06.2012Amendment of WBTR, 2005 in consonance with the revised procedure
4791-F dt. 08.06.2012Cash Equivalent of Leave Salary: New Definition of Family
FS-81 dt. 17.05.2012Common Problems implementing COSA
4111-F dt. 17.05.2012Procurement of Computer for COSA
4109-F dt. 17.05.2012Nodal Officer for e-Tender
3925-F dt. 10.05.2012Revision of Pay Scales of Stenographers
223-F dt. 10.05.2012Additional Quantum of Pension where in receipt of family pension
3798-F dt. 07.05.2012Public Holiday on 8th May – Rabindra Nath Tagore Birthday
3739-F dt. 03.05.2012Mandatory Publication of Notice at e-Tender Portal
3728-F dt. 03.05.2012Compulsory recording of GIS subscriptions in the Service Book
3687-F dt. 02.05.2012Revised Minimum Wages to Private Security Agency
152-FB dt. 27.04.2012Financial Adviser in different Departments
3291-F dt. 19.04.2012Applicability of Strike Order to Other Employees of State
3289-F dt. 19.04.2012Changed procedure of receipt and dispatch of letters/ articles/ files
96-FB dt. 18.04.2012Administrative Approval for Schemes under 13th F.C.
3266-F dt. 18.04.2012Specified service matters delegated to Administrative groups
95-FB dt. 18.04.2012Delegation of Power to Departmental Secretaries
2908-F dt. 09.04.2012Rate of Interest on GPF during the year 2011-12
178-F dt. 09.04.2012Clarification on ‘Interim Allowance’ of WBS (DCRB) Rules, 1971
2895-F dt. 05.04.2012College Level Approval Committee for College/ Hospital
3232-FB dt. 31.03.2012Allotment Order on Passing of Vote-on-Account Budget
3173-F dt. 30.03.2012Loans and Advances of State Govt. for 2011-2012
3174-F dt. 30.03.2012Interest Rate on Loans and Advances for 2011-2012
164-F dt. 29.03.2012Family pension for life to unmarried/ widowed/ divorced daughters
162-F dt. 29.03.2012Extension of family pension to widowed/ divorced/ unmarried daughters
2552-F dt. 27.03.2012New Grant in Aid Sanction Order
2312-F dt. 19.03.2012Release of Fund from PAO & Treasury for Financial Year 2012-13
3053-FB dt. 17.02.2012Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction to BRGF Schemes
2013-F dt. 06.03.2012Treatment of Absence on 28.02.2012 for Bandh/ Strike
1885-F dt. 02.03.2012Matters under Administrative Departments Disposal
1853-F dt. 02.03.2012Declaration of Assets and Sale/ Purchase of Property
1829-F dt. 01.03.2012Implementation of COSA mandatory for DDOs
1662-F dt. 24.02.2012Detailed Head for Contractual Pay
1583-F dt. 21.02.2012Cadres relating to Typist declared as Dying Cadre
1488-F dt. 20.02.2012Proposals to be furnished in attached format to Finance Department
84-F dt. 22.02.2012Family pension be sanctioned for missing employees/ Pensioners
1364-F dt. 15.02.2012Child Care Leave for West Bengal State Govt. Employees
1267-F dt. 10.02.2012Condonation of Excess Age for Appointment
1242-F dt. 10.02.2012Sanction of Telephone/Internet Facility for Secretary Office
1240-F dt. 10.02.2012Introduction of T.R. Form No. 36A
1232-F dt. 09.02.2012Hiring of Vehicles for Use at Govt. Office
305-F dt. 06.02.2012Implementation of COSA in DDO Offices
1069-F dt. 03.02.2012Implementation of New Pension Scheme in West Bengal
735-F dt. 24.01.2012Passing of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment upto March, 2012
707-F dt. 24.01.2012Change in Date of Birth
545-F dt. 17.01.2012Directions to Treasuries for Financial Year Ending, 2011-12
544-F dt. 17.01.2012Directions to PAO for Financial Year Closing
511-F dt. 17.01.2012Implementation of West Bengal Health Scheme
261-F dt. 09.01.2012Public Holiday on Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary