West Bengal Service Matters – Rules Linked

1108-F dt. 25.02.2016High Powered Committee for Casual, Daily Rated Workers
1107-F dt. 25.02.2016Benefits for Casual, Daily Rated, Contractual Workers etc.
1104-F dt. 25.02.2016Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme – Swasthya Sathi
265-F dt. 18.01.2016Confirmation of Group C Employees of West Bengal Government
8473-F dt. 16.12.2015Contractual Engagement of Retired Person – Further Extension
5502-F dt. 15.07.2015Wage Bills of Work-Charged Establishment for Transfer Credit
3545-F dt. 05.05.2015Procedure of Drawal of Wages under Work-Charged Establishment
4941-F dt. 19.09.2014Contractual Engagement of Retired Person – Extension of Terms
4536-F dt. 01.09.2014Suppression of Higher Qualification in Government Service
4205-F dt. 13.08.2014SMS to Head of the Department in Online File Tracking System
3967-F dt. 01.08.2014Method of Engagement of Contractual/ Casual/ Daily-rated Workers
3161-F dt. 17.06.2014Scheme for Utilization of Persons Employed under Local Fund
3104-F dt. 13.06.2014Files to be Sent to Finance Deptt. through WFTS
1182-F dt. 28.02.2014Holiday on 17.03.2014 on account of DOLJATRA (16.03.2014)
1181-F dt. 28.02.2014Computerized Central Clearing System in Finance Department
695-F(P) dt. 07.02.2014Amendment in Rule 75 of West Bengal Service Rules
307-F(P) dt. 17.01.2014Transfer to Foreign Service or Utilization of Services on Detailment
177-F(P) dt. 09.01.2014WB Services (Secretariat Common Cadres of Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries) Rules
176-F(P) dt. 09.01.2014Amendment of W.B. Services (Secretariat Common Cadres) Rules, 1984
175-F(P) dt. 09.01.2014Foreign Service, Deputation and Detailment – Amendment of WBSR Part – I
8436-F dt. 26.11.2013No Meeting/ Procession/ Demonstration at Nabanna
8293-F dt. 18.11.2013Cancellation of Holiday at NABANNA on the day of Election of Howrah Municipal Corporation
8203-F dt. 12.11.2013Holiday on account of Muharram in West Bengal
8155-F dt. 08.11.2013Holiday in view of Elections/ Bye Elections in Different Districts
8065-F dt. 31.10.2013Holiday declared on 1st January, 2014
8004-F dt. 28.10.2013List of Holidays for the Calendar Year 2014
5482-F dt. 09.07.2013Child Care Leave in respect of Adopted Child
4969-F dt. 20.06.2013Posts Exempted from Consultation with PSC, WB
2301-F dt. 18.03.2013Dates of Election declared as Public Holidays
1256-F dt. 18.02.2013Treatment of Absence of Employees on Strike days
1230-F dt. 18.02.2013Exclusion of 30 September, 2013 from Holiday List
1833-F dt. 01.03.2013Certificate for Qualifying Service for Voluntary Retirement
1832-F dt. 01.03.2013West Bengal Services (Appointment, Probation and Absorption of Group C Employees) Rules, 2013
10015-F dt. 10.12.2012Government Holidays for the year 2013
9266-F dt. 16.11.2012Functions of Review Committee for Suspension of Govt. Employee
9243-F dt. 14.11.2012Appointment of Group – D Post on Consolidated Remuneration
9233-F dt. 14.11.2012Sectional Holiday on account of Chhat Puja
1382-F dt. 12.11.2012Training on Workflow based Online File Tracking System
FS-5439 dt. 06.11.2012Implementation of Workflow Based Online File Tracking System
8615-F dt. 12.10.2012Durga Puja Holidays in West Bengal
8154-F dt. 25.09.2012Deployment of Retired Person in Treasury as DEO
4791-F dt. 08.06.2012Cash Equivalent of Leave Salary: New Definition of Family
3798-F dt. 07.05.2012Public Holiday on 8 May on account of Rabindra Nath Tagore Birthday
3291-F dt. 19.04.2012Applicability of Strike Order to Other Employees
2013-F dt. 06.03.2012Treatment of Absence on 28.02.2012 for Bandh
1364-F dt. 15.02.2012Child Care Leave
476-PN dt. 31.01.2012Re-employment of Retired Person at Panchayats
707-F(P) dt. 24.01.2012Change in Date of Birth
261-F(P) dt. 09.01.2012Public Holiday on Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary
11653-F dt. 30.12.2011Upper Age Limit raised to 40 years for Entry into Govt. Jobs
10972‐F dt. 07.12.2011Government Holidays for the year 2012
10935-F dt. 05.12.2011Re-employment of Retired Person on Contract basis
9728-F dt. 24.10.2011Child Adoption Leave
9008-F dt. 16.09.2011Regularization of Casual Temporary Contractual Employees
7842-F dt. 04.08.2011Public Holiday on Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore
7315-F dt. 20.07.2011Engagement and Regularisation of employees under Work-Charged establishment
6606-F dt. 29.06.2011Clarification to Finance Department Memo No. 1146-F(P)
6261-F dt. 17.06.2011Disbursement of salary of Govt. employees through Bank
FS-130 dt. 08.06.2011Payment of Salary of the Government employees through Bank Account
5760-F dt. 07.06.2011Authority for issuing annual increment order in r/o Govt. employee of – Modification thereof
2536-F dt. 31.03.2011e-Payment of Salary -Modification thereof
1669-F dt. 03.03.2011Re-designation to the Post Stenographer
1146-F dt. 14.02.2011Enhancement of ceiling of Maternity Leave
961-F(P) dt. 07.02.2011Re-structuring of Pay Band
11794-F dt. 22.12.2010Financial benefit to Casual/Daily rated workers etc.
10327-F dt. 01.11.2010Revision of Scales to the Sub-ordinate Labour Services
10109-F dt. 21.10.2010Complication of recruitment rules for all regular Govt. Employees
9965-F dt. 21.10.2010Modification of Promotional fixation for identical scale of pay
10098-F dt. 20.10.2010Principles for movement of Schedule ‘B’ Stenographer
8884-F dt. 02.09.2010Payment of Salary through Bank Amendments thereof
7190-F dt. 02.07.2010Order for release of 2nd installment of Arreas of ROPA, 2009 for the Undertakings
7189-F dt. 02.07.2010Order for release of 2nd installment of Arrears of ROPA, 2009 for Govt. employees
7165-F dt. 01.07.2010Rules for recruitment of LDA/ LDC in Govt. Offices
4571-F dt. 03.06.2010Facility of telephone to Govt. employees
2966-F dt. 23.04.2010Implementation of various schemes, compelled to engaged casual, daily rated workers
2540-F dt. 05.04.2010Revision of Pay scale of West Bengal Sub-ordinate Labour Service
1341-F dt. 23.02.2010Recruitment of Group B posts brought under the purview of the PSC, WB and change of age limit
522-F(P) dt. 22.01.2010Requirement of approval of Appointment Committee of the Cabinet through PSC
401-F(Y) dt. 14.01.2010Payment of Salary through E.C.S.
11409-F dt. 29.12.2009Modalities of Pay Fixation in respect of W.B.S.L.R.S., Gr.I and Special Revenue Officer, Gr. II.
11109-F dt. 17.12.2009Extension of term of 5th Pay Commission.
10935-F dt. 10.12.2009ECS Payment in respect of Group A
10924-F dt. 10.12.2009Amendment of age limit of typist, permanent steno-typist, permanent clerk-cum-typist
10808-F dt. 04.12.2009Revision on scale of pay of Revenue Officer/ Special Revenue Officer Gr.-II
10640-F dt. 27.11.2009Winter Allowance/ Hill Compensatory allowance & Winter relief/ Hill Compensatory relief
10633-F dt. 27.11.2009Fixation of Pay of Employees on Transfer/ Transfer on Promotion
10251-F dt. 17.11.2009Submission of Attendance Report of West Bengal Govt Employee
9568-F dt. 21.10.2009Decentralization of work relating to fixation of pay of Jr. A&AS on merger
9203-F dt. 05.10.2009New guidelines for filling up of Gr. B. C & D post through PSC,WB
8939-F dt. 16.09.2009Release of bills pertaining to Arrear pay & allowances in anticipation of allotment
8662-F dt. 07.09.2009Revised rate of remuneration to the part-time Contingent Staff
8540-F dt. 02.09.2009CAS & MCAS benefit of Fire Operator and Leader of Fire Deptt.
8482-F dt. 01.09.2009Facility of Telephone to entitled categories of Govt. employees
8301-F dt. 26.08.2009Notification on E-payment and E-receipt
1126-FB dt. 25.08.2009
1301-FB dt. 13.10.06
Discounted Air-fare tickets while undertaking official tours/LTC
5-CAB dt. 20.08.2009Re-employment and sending of proposal to the Cabinet Secretariat
8157-F dt. 20.08.2009Release of bill pertaining to arrear under ROPA, 2009 to retired Govt. employees
7343-F dt. 28.07.2009Revision of Scale of Pay of Manager Gr. I & Project Officer of Tourism Directorate
7220-F dt. 23.07.2009Recommendation of Pay Commission in respect of 53 Organization
6961-F dt. 15.07.2009Revised pay structure of re-employed pensioners-effect of actual benefit thereof
6883-F dt. 14.07.2009Amendment of PSC Regulations, 08 published in GO. No. 9103-F dt. 03.12.08.
6738-F dt. 09.07.2009Revision of Scale of Pay of Welfare Officer under Jail Deptt.
6046-F dt. 25.06.2009Rules regulating recruitment to the post of Driver Gr. I & Gr. II in Secretariat Department
5868-F dt. 24.06.2009Revision of scale of pay of Wireless Operator, Wireless Supervisor
5797-F dt. 22.06.2009Revision of scale of pay of Sower/ Head Sower of Mounted Police
4429-F dt. 08.06.2009Revision of Pay Scale Warder/ Warder Orderly/ Warder Body guard/ Head Warder/ Chief Head Warder etc.
4263-F dt. 04.06.2009Revision of scale of pay of Excise Constable/ Asstt. Sub-Inspector
4095-F dt. 01.06.2009Corrigendum to GO. No. 3951-F dt. 27.05.2009
3951-F dt. 27.05.2009Fixation of Pay and drawal of remuneration of re-employed State Govt. Pensioners
3950-F dt. 27.05.2009Order for release of 1st installment of arrear in terms ROPA, 09
3727-F dt. 20.05.2009Pay of Group-D employees paid out of contingency
3702-F dt. 19.05.2009Modification of GO. No. 7283-F dt. 19.09.08 on fresh option under ROPA, 98.
3400-F dt. 08.05.2009Fixation procedure of pay as per CAS and MCAS to the Pharmasists
3336-F dt. 05.05.2009Recruitment Rules of English Typist
3326-F dt. 05.05.2009Recruitment Rules of Group-D posts
741-HE dt. 30.04.2009Creation of posts in the Directorate of State Archives
1053-ICA dt. 22.04.2009Revision of scale of pay of Asstt. Information Officer
1056-ICA dt. 20.04.2009Revision of scale of pay of Official Photographer
1055-ICA dt. 20.04.2009Order regarding exercise of option of the Bengali Translator
1054-ICA dt. 20.04.2009Revision of scale of pay Sub-Editor, Translator, News Analyst etc.
1052-ICA dt. 20.04.2009Revision of scale of pay Sub-Divn. Information & Cultural Officer
1051-ICA dt. 20.04.2009Revision of scale of pay District Information & Cultural officer
984/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Revision of scale of pay of Official Photographer
983/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Revision of scale of pay of Asstt. Information Officer
982/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Revision of scale of pay Sub-Divn. Information & Cultural Officer
981/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Revision of scale of pay of Sub-Editor, Translator, News Analyst etc.
980/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Order of Ben. Translator for CAS benefits
979/ICA dt. 07.04.2009Revision of scale of pay District Information & Cultural Officer
2728-F dt. 07.04.2009Clarification of fixation of pay in terms ROPA, 2009
2602-F dt. 01.04.2009Revision of scale of pay Revenue Inspector of L&LR.
2382-F dt. 25.03.2009Procedure of Pay fixation of the State Govt. employees on deputation
2312-F dt. 24.03.2009Procedure of Pay fixation of Nursing Staff for CAS-90 and MCAS-01
2014-F dt. 09.03.2009Clarification of fixation of pay in terms ROPA, 09
2602-F dt. 05.03.2009Revision of Scale of Pay of Revenue Inspector of L&LR
1960-F dt. 05.03.2009Guidelines of fixation of pay of the WBA&AS Officers
1818-F dt. 27.02.2009Revision of scale of pay of Naik and Havilder/ Head Constable etc.
1817-F dt. 27.02.2009Revision of scale of pay of Constable/ Sepoy and ASI/ Jamadar
1807-F dt. 27.02.2009Extension of period of fifth Pay Commission
1723-F dt. 24.02.2009Revision of Scale of Pay of Medical Technologist
1722-F dt. 24.02.2009Revision of Scale of Pay Pharmacist Gr.III & Gr.I
1683-F dt. 23.02.2009Amendment of GO. No. 7744-F dt. 15.10.2008 for ADDL. Supervisory Level Post HC/HA
1682-F dt. 23.02.2009Amendment of G.O. No. 7752-F dt. 15.10.2008 for ADDL. Supervisory Level Post HC/HA
794-F dt. 28.01.2009CAS benefit in r/o Sub-Asstt. Engineer
766-F dt. 27.01.2009Revision of Scale of Pay of Revenue Inspector
747-F dt. 27.01.2009Facility of Telephone to the Govt. Employee
431-F dt. 14.01.2009Framing of Amending recruitment rules for posts/services
219-F dt. 07.01.2009Facility of Telephone to the Govt. Employee
9729-F dt. 17.12.2008Clarification on GO. No. 9102-F dt. 03.12.2008
9600-F dt. 17.12.2008Facility of Telephone at the residence of Govt. employees
9315-F dt. 10.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Traveling Auditors in Prison Dte.
9164-F dt. 04.12.2008Creation of Addl. Post in scale no. 19 & 21
9103-F dt. 03.12.2008WB PSC (Exception from consultation) Regulations, 2008
9102-F dt. 03.12.2008Rules regulating special recruitment of LDCs through direct recruit
9021-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Guard-cum-Pump man
9020-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Jail Officers
9019-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of scale of the Draftsman attached with Geography Department of Presidency College
9018-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of scale of pay of paramedical opthalmic Assistant (PMOA)
9017-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of scale of pay of the cadre of Medical Technologist
9016-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of Pay Scale of the official of various State Services
8753-F dt. 21.11.2008Amendment of GO. No. 7959-F dt. 21.11.2008
8138-F dt. 03.11.2008Facility of Telephone charges/ Mobile/Internet etc.- modification of No. 7522-F dt. 26.09.2008
8135-F dt. 3.11.2008Recruitment Rule to the post of English Typist in the Secretariat and other office
7844-F dt. 17.10.2008Maternity Leave to Female Employee appointed on contract basis
7783-F dt. 16.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of Store Keeper/(FORMS)
7752-F dt. 15.10.2008Creation of Addl. Supervisory Level Post of H.C./ Head Assistant in the Directorate
7744-F dt. 15.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Addl. Supervisory post of H.C.
7678-F dt. 3.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of Metron, Tutor (Nurse Gr-I)
7677-F dt. 3.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Nursing Staff
7672-F dt. 3.10.2008Creation of the post of Head Surveyor in scale no. 11
7651-F dt. 01.10.2008Recruitment of Govt. Personnel for regional and field offices through PSC
7597-F dt. 30.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Chemical Examiner under Excise Department
7588-F dt. 30.09.2008Creation of the post of Sr. Supervisory Grade Typist
7553-F dt. 29.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of Inspector, Agricultural Income Tax Finance Revenue Department
7544-F dt. 29.09.2008Revision of Scale of pay of Pharmacist Grade-I & Gr-III
7522-F dt. 26.09.2008Facility of Telephone charges/ Mobile/Internet etc.
850-CMDMP dt. 23.09.2008A.O. of CMDMP under EDM declared as DDO
7283-F dt. 19.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of SAE
7282-F dt. 19.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of Dy. Ranger, Forester, Forest Guard, Agranami/ Camp Guard etc.
7220-F dt. 17.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of Revenue Inspector (L&LR) Department
7105-F dt. 15.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of WBSLRS, Gr.-I and SRO-II
7057-F dt. 11.09.2008
431-PSC dt. 02.09.2008
Half yearly Examination for probationary L.D.C.
6983-F dt. 10.09.2008Engagement of the Officers of WBA & AS cadre in Secretariat duties
6756-F dt. 02.09.2008Explanation of the term ‘Emoluments’
6021-F dt. 28.08.2008Terms and references of 5th Pay Commission for the State Govt. Employee
6020-F dt. 28.08.2008Framing of 5th Pay Commission for the State Govt. Employees
4922-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of pay of Leader/ Fire Operator
4916-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of pay of Livestock Development Assistant
4915-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of the post of Director, Jt. Director of I.T.I.
465-PAR dt. 06.05.2008Notification on ACR related to promotion to the post of W.B. Secretariat Service.
493-L dt. 28.03.2008WB Finance ACT – P. Tax current rate
2002-F dt. 11.03.2008Amendment of WBS (CCA) Rules, 1971
1440-F dt. 20.02.2008Notification on amendments of WB CCA Rules
862-F dt. 31.01.2008Scale linked designation of the officers of WBA&AS
5471-F dt. 18.07.2007Revision of Addl. Remuneration to Xerox Operator
4652-F dt. 18.06.2007Clarification regarding quantum of DA admissible to Govt. Employee under Suspension
2803-F dt. 11.04.2007Clarification on merger of Pay
1149-F dt. 12.02.2007Filling up of vacant post
DT-1173 dt. 18.07.2006Clarification regarding maintenance of Leave Account
4840-F dt. 29.06.2006Revised scale of pay of Driver of ROPA, 1981
3564-F dt. 15.05.2006Exemption from payment of pension and leave salary deputed on foreign service
1766-F dt. 01.03.2006Uniform Allowance of Nursing Staff
1261-F dt. 15.02.2006Re-Designation of Stenographer
1030-F dt. 08.02.2006Annual Performance Report for 3 years to be considered for promotion, confirmation etc.
642-F dt. 24.01.2006Regularization of Contractual Employees – Consultation of Finance Deptt. is necessary
8527-F dt. 07.10.2005Fixation of remuneration of re-employed pensioners of the State Govt.
8305-F dt. 26.09.2005Appointment on contract service
DT-1338 dt. 03.08.2005Encashment to Leave salary to be sanctioned after serving admissibility report of pension from A.G.W.B.
771-F dt. 29.06.2005Revised scale of pay of Driver of ROPA, 1981
4982-F dt. 17.06.2005Promotion to higher post with retrospective effect
858-PS dt. 08.06.2005Verification of Character and antecedents of Candidates Selected under Govt/ Govt Undertakings
4662-F dt. 01.06.2005Period of probation in the promotion post
3990-F dt. 04.05.2005Change of Name and Surname
10968-F dt. 30.10.2003Revised Scale of Pay of Head Clerk & Head Assistant
9721-F dt. 05.09.2003Recovery of Overdrawal of wrong fixation
9385-F dt. 22.08.2003Leave encashment sanctioned prior to retirement provided 315 days leave at credit
6329-F dt. 11.06.2003Revised Scale of Pay of Accountant cum Head Clerk
5675-F dt. 19.05.2003Revised Scale of Pay of Gr. II Nurse
5087-F dt. 25.04.2003Clarification of fixation of pay from UDC to Head Clerk
4085-F dt. 26.03.2003Performance Appraisal of Govt. Employee
9135-F dt. 10.09.2002Representation for Maternity Leave for Adoption of Child
2658-F dt. 01.03.2002Representation for Maternity Leave for Adoption of Child
3453-F dt. 28.03.2001Enhancement of Maternity Leave and Calculation of Half Pay Leave
3274-F dt. 21.03.2001Additional Remuneration of Steno Typist/ Bench Clerk-cum-Stenographer
10391-F dt. 13.12.2000Punctuality in Attendance and Prompt Disposal of Work
6698-PRD dt. 09.12.2000Revised Scale of Pay of Cashier-cum-Storekeeper in Block
974-PAR dt. 25.07.2000Vigilance Clearance Certificate for passport, permission to travel abroad, promotion etc.
5621-F dt. 30.06.2000Revised Scale of Pay of Asstt. Secretary/ Head Clerk
7377-F dt. 28.07.1999Appointment on promotion to Grade – I post of Gr. – D
3728-F dt. 26.04.1999Deputation of State Govt. Employee to other Govt. Companies/ Corporation
7571-F dt. 02.11.1998Special Pay as Additional Remuneration
4-CAB dt. 22.06.1998
5276-F dt. 20.07.1998
Re-employment of Retired Person – Principles
769-F dt. 13.07.1995Commuted Leave on private affairs admissible to teaching and non-teaching employee of Govt. School
5225-F dt. 17.05.1995Pay fixation when assumption of duties and responsibility of greater importance does not exist
3776-F dt. 30.03.1995Confirmation in Government Service
10493-F dt. 04.11.1994Appropriate authority for issue of the order for changing in the surname of the Govt servant
12066-F dt. 07.11.1987Fixation of the pay of the post of Stenographer
3856-F dt. 31.03.1984W.B. Services (Secretariat Common Cadres of Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries) Rules, 1984
3855-F dt. 31.03.1984West Bengal Services Secretariat Common Cadres Rules, 1984
6060-F dt. 25.06.1979West Bengal Services (Appointment, Probation and Confirmation) Rules, 1979
3857-F dt. 15.08.1971West Bengal Service Rules – I
2018-F dt. 16.04.1971West Bengal Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1971

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