School Education – Archive, 2022

325-WBBPE dt. 30.12.2022Result of D.El.Ed Part – II Examination for Session 2020-2022
2325-WBBPE dt. 29.12.2022Interview/Viva-Voce and Aptitude Test (3rd & 4th Phase) of TET
1801-SE dt. 29.12.2022Suspension of Transfer through Utsashree Portal upto 30.06.2023
585-SE dt. 29.12.2022Suspension of Transfer through Utsashree Portal upto 30.06.2023
2313-WBBPE dt. 28.12.2022Interview/Viva-Voce and Aptitude Test (2nd Phase) of Primary TET
321-WBBPE dt. 28.12.2022Re-Opening of Online Portal for Admission to D.El.Ed Colleges
2298-WBBPE dt. 27.12.2022Participation of TET Qualified Candidates who Crossed the Age Bar
2112-WBBPE dt. 21.12.2022Interview/Viva-Voce and Aptitude Test in Primary Schools
DS-554 dt. 19.12.2022Annual Academic Calendar of WBBSE, 2023
560-SED dt. 15.12.2022Admission of Children in Elementary Classes for Session, 2023
223-Sec dt. 13.12.2022Guideline for Safety and Security icw Madhyamik Pariksha, 2023
DS-90 dt. 12.12.2022Duties of District Monitoring Team for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2023
2037-WBBPE dt. 02.12.2022Fake TET-2022 Admit Card to Malign WBBPE
2008-WBBPE dt. 30.11.2022How to Download Online the Admit Card of TET- 2022
945-PED dt. 28.11.2022Guidelines to Conduct State Achievement Survey, 2022
DS-Aca-464 dt. 14.11.2022Question Papers for Selection Test of Class – X under WBBSE, 2023
1849-WBBPE dt. 14.11.2022TET-2014 Qualified Candidates who Scored 82 marks
1833-WBBPE dt. 11.11.2022TET-2014 Qualified Candidates who Scored 82 marks
1777-WBBPE dt. 07.11.2022Publication of Marks for TET, 2017 Qualified Candidates
1770-WBBPE dt. 07.11.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1724-WBBPE dt. 02.11.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1714-WBBPE dt. 01.11.2022To allow B.Ed Candidates in recruitment process in Primary Schools
255-WBBPE dt. 01.11.2022Form Fillup for DElEd (Regular/ Face to Face) Exam, 2020-2022
254-WBBPE dt. 01.11.2022Submission of Internal Marks of DElEd Part-II Students, 2020-2022
245-WBBPE dt. 26.10.2022Conducting External Evaluation in School Internship, 2020-22
1573-WBBPE dt. 21.10.2022Vacancy Position and Launching of Application Portal of TET
1573-WBBPE dt. 22.10.2022Application Fees for Primary School Teachers Recruitment, 2022
241-WBBPE dt. 20.10.2022External Evaluation in School Internship incl. Practice Teaching
1704-WBBPE dt. 28.10.2022Addendum Notification No. 1573-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1703-WBBPE dt. 28.10.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1669-WBBPE dt. 19.10.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1649-WBBPE dt. 17.10.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1633-WBBPE dt. 14.10.2022Addendum Notification No. 1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022
1573-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022Recruitment of TET Qualified Trained Candidates in Primary Schools
1572-WBBPE dt. 29.09.2022Conduction of Teacher Eligibility Test, 2022 by WBBPE (Class I-V)
448-SE dt. 29.09.2022Suspension of Transfer through Utsashree Portal upto 31.12.2022
1293-SE dt. 29.09.2022WBSSC (GT, Transfer on Special Grounds and Reallocation) Rules
232-BPE dt. 23.09.2022Schedule of D.El.Ed Part – II Examination for Session, 2020-2022
EMU-C-35 dt. 20.09.2022Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination) Routine, 2023
1459-BPE dt. 16.09.2022Scrutiny/Verification and Viva-Voce/Aptitude Test of TET Candidates
227-BPE dt. 16.09.2022Marksheets (Hard Copies) of Part – II – D.El.Ed Exam, 2019-2021
DS-377 dt. 02.09.2022Advisory to all the Head of Institutions regarding Karam Puja, 2022
1217-BPE dt. 12.08.2022Documents to be Submitted to Get TET-2014 Pass Certificate
1165-BPE dt. 04.08.2022Online Submission of Particulars for TET-2014 Pass Certificate
185-SSE dt. 20.07.2022West Bengal State Policy and Guidelines on Jai Hind Bahini
184-SSE dt. 20.07.2022Raising of Jai Hind Bahini in Schools under WBSED
919-SE dt. 19.07.2022Guidelines on Jai Hind Bahini in Educational Institutions, 2022
79-Pres dt. 25.07.2022Result of PPS and PPR of Madhyamik (Secondary) Examination, 2022
EMU-C/34 dt. 12.07.2022Schedule for Camp Offices icw Madhyamik Pariksha, 2022-2023
180-SSE dt. 24.06.2022Reopening of Schools in West Bengal w.e.f. 27.06.2022
905-BPE dt. 20.06.2022Rectification of Online System for Issue of TET-2014 Pass Certificate
DS-287 dt. 17.06.2022Revised Schedule of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Summative Evaluation, 2022
877-BPE dt. 13.06.2022Last Date of Submission of particulars issue of TET Pass Certificate
179-SSE dt. 13.06.2022Summer Vacation in Schools Extended upto 26th June, 2022
Inf-142 dt. 03.06.2022Certified Copy of Answer Script of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2022
DS-93 dt. 03.06.2022Apply for PPS and PPR of Answer Scripts of Madhyamik Pariksha
DS-087 dt. 30.05.2022Result of Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2022
817-BPE dt. 30.05.2022Portal for Online Applications for TET, 2014 Pass Certificate
740-BPE dt. 19.05.2022Download TET 2017 Question Booklets
CSE-040 dt. 02.05.2022Eligible CA Firms for Audit of Govt. Sponsored/ Govt. Aided Schools
DS-215 dt. 28.04.2022Summer Vacation matching Order by WBBSE
146-SSE dt. 27.04.2022Summer Vacation in Schools w.e.f. 2nd May to 15th June, 2022
592-BPE dt. 22.04.2022Issue of TET-2014 Pass Certificates by WBBPE
DS-182 dt. 11.04.2022Annual Academic Calendar of WBBSE, 2022
DS-182 dt. 11.04.2022Revised Model Holiday List by WBBSE for Academic Session, 2022
DS-156 dt. 29.03.2022Schedule of Summative Evaluation for the Schools, 2022
DS-057 dt. 28.02.2022Control Room for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2022
Press Note 17.02.2022Distribution of Admit Card for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2022
41-SSE dt. 14.02.2022Reopening of Schools under School Education w.e.f. 16.02.2022
38-SSE dt. 31.01.2022Reopening of Schools under School Education w.e.f. 03.02.2022
51-DSE dt. 15.01.2022Quarantine Leave for Staff of Secondary School – Clarification
17-DSE dt. 15.01.2022Quarantine Leave for Staff of Primary School – Clarification
15-DSE dt. 04.01.2022Quarantine Leave for Secondary School Teachers in West Bengal
02-DSE dt. 04.01.2022Quarantine Leave for Primary School Teachers in West Bengal
01-DSE dt. 04.01.2022Suspension of Classes to Combat Corona Virus (COVID-19)

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