West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008

Here is a list of all the government orders issued by the West Bengal Govt. related to West Bengal Health Scheme 2008.

G.O. No. & Date Subject
214-F dt. 20.03.2015 Enrolment in Cashless Medical Scheme – Last Date extended upto 31.03.2016
2400-F dt. 17.03.2015 New TR Form 68B related to Claim under Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
194-F dt. 16.03.2015 Enrolment in Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme – Last Date Extended
92-F dt. 04.02.2015 Empanelment period of different Health Care Organizations extended
91-F dt. 04.02.2015 Recognition of HCO for medical attendance and treatment under WBHS, 2008
51/14-F dt. 31.12.2014 Extention of empanelment of some HCOs
5762-F dt. 18.11.2014 Opening of two new Scheme Heads for Payment to Health Care Organisations for Cashless Medical Facility
5690-F dt. 13.11.2014 Hands on Software Training for West Bengal Health for All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
5606-F dt. 10.11.2014 HCOs have been assessed as Service Provider under WBHS
5560-F dt. 07.11.2014 Corrigendum of Memo No. 4979-F dt. 27.10.2014
5438-F dt. 29.10.2014 Submission of Bills at Medical Cell, WBHS, Finance Department
5395-F dt. 27.10.2014 Implementation of Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
4979-F dt. 27.10.2014 Extension of empaneled Health Care Organizations under WBHS
5521-F dt. 03.10.2014 Meeting with all Government Departments for implementation of WBHS for all Employees and Pensioners.
5069-F dt. 26.09.2014 Payment Procedure of Cashless Medical Treatment (Indoor)
4803-F dt. 12.09.2014 Cashless Medical Treatment – Agreement of Finance Dte & HCO
4656-F dt. 05.09.2014 Cashless Treatment for State Govt Employees and Pensioners
4476-F dt. 28.08.2014 West Bengal Health for All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
4220-F dt. 13.08.2014 Inclusion of New HCOs.
4201-F dt. 13.08.2014 Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment
3913-F dt. 30.07.2014 Inclusion of Paramount Hospital Pvt. Ltd and Apollo Clinic (Vasundhara Dealer Pvt. Ltd.)
3804-F dt. 22.07.2014 Extension of Enrolment of North Bengal Eye Centre Pvt. Ltd.
3269-F dt. 08.07.2014 Renewal of 5 (five) empaneled HCOs under WBHS 2008
3531-F dt. 04.07.2014 Newly formed Board Members of Medical Cell Wing of Finance Department.
3256-F dt. 30.06.2014 List of Empanelment or Extension of Health Care Organisations under WBHS
3408-F dt. 27.06.2014 Mohan Eye Institute has been empanelled under WBHS 2008
3390-F dt. 27.06.2014 Memorandum of Agreement with HCOs for the period of 2 years
3382-F dt. 26.06.2014 Appointment of Shri Samiran Pal as Chairman of WBHS
3363-F dt. 26.06.2014 North Bengal Eye Centre has been empanelment till 13.09.2014 under WBHS
2235-F dt. 23.04.2014 Extended empanelment period of the Health Care Organization under WBHS
1057-F dt. 31.03.2014 Prior permission is required for Treatment outside West Bengal
2132-F dt. 11.03.2014 Extension of empanelment of some HCOs
1356-F dt. 07.03.2014 Silver Eye Hospital and Sankar Jyoti Eye institute extended till 31.05.2014
1355-F dt. 07.03.2014 Fortis and Theism Ultrasound Centre are extended till 31.05.2014
1354-F dt. 07.03.2014 Vivekananda Mission Asram Netra Niramoy Niketan enlisted under WBHS
2089-F dt. 28.02.2014 Introduction of New Housing and Medical Benefits
647-F dt. 27.02.2014 Extension of Time Period upto 31.03.2015 for Enrolment under WBHS
646-F dt. 27.02.2014 Cashless Benefit upto Rs. 1 lakh under West Bengal Health Scheme
976-F dt. 19.02.2014 Empanelment of Ashadeep Nursing Home & Diagnostic Centre under WBHS
975-F dt. 19.02.2014 Empanelment of HCO extended for another 2 years
866-F dt. 14.02.2014 K.P.C. Medical College & Hospital enrolled under WBHS
632-F dt. 05.02.2014 Extended empanelment of HCOs upto 31.01.2016
629-F dt. 05.02.2014 Some HCOs agreement has been extended for another 2 years
587-F dt. 03.02.2014 Extension period of some HCOs upto 30.04.2014
456-F dt. 27.01.2014 Extended period of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital under WBHS 2008
423-F dt. 22.01.2014 HCOs change of names according to the Clinical Establishment Licences.
394-F dt. 22.01.2014 Dr. Nirmal Kumar Samanta, Medical Officer deputed at the Medical Cell
393-F dt. 22.01.2014 Empanelment of Swastik Clinic and Seva Sadan Pvt. Ltd., Birbhum
196-F dt. 21.01.2014 Discontinuation of Service of Marina Medical Center, Jalpaiguri
55-F dt. 03.01.2014 Empanelment of Kothari Medical Centre
8576-F dt. 03.12.2013 Intimation to Head of the Office for Medical Treatment is NOT required
8526-F dt. 02.12.2013 Renewal of Ruby, ECO and Citylife Hospital
8371-F dt. 21.11.2013 Treatment of Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
8692-F dt. 09.12.2013 Eskag Senjeevani & Eye Microsurgery & Laser Centre enlisted under WBHS
8310-F dt. 19.11.2013 Extension of Empanelment of HCOs
8204-F dt. 12.11.2013 Inclusion of Dishari Health Point Pvt. Ltd & VASAN HEALTH CARE PVT LTD.
8158-F dt. 08.11.2013 Intimation to the Head of Office /PSA before OPD Treatment in WBHS
300-F dt. 06.11.2013 Reconstitute of West Bengal Health Scheme Authority
238-F dt. 30.10.2013 Extension of Empanelment of Apollo Glenegles Hospital
71-F dt. 09.10.2013 Permission from WBHS Authority for Treatment Cost exceeding 2.5 Lacs
7763-F dt. 25.09.2013 Empanelment of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
7723-F dt. 24.09.2013 Expiry of agreement of WBHS 2008 of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata
7598-F dt. 20.09.2013 Enrolment of New Eye Clinic at New Delhi (Dr. Kapur’s The Healing Touch Eye Centre)
7168-F dt. 06.09.2013 Medical Advance for Outdoor treatment
7128-F dt. 05.09.2013 Empanelment of Siliguri Greater Lion Eye Hospital
7119-F dt. 05.09.2013 Revised Rate of few item under West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008
4943-F dt. 30.08.2013 Inclusion of New HCOs – Neotia Getwell, Dreamland, Garifa Sanjeevani, We Care.
4912-F dt. 19.06.2013 Renewal of Empanelment of HCO.
3731-F dt. 10.05.2013 Relaxation in Treatment of Cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
3535-F dt. 03.05.2013 Inclusion of 3 new HCO.
2857-F dt. 08.04.2013 Advance Purchase of Medicine prescribed by the Hospitals Outside the State.
2164-F dt. 13.03.2013 New three HCO under WBHS.
2052-F dt. 08.03.2013 CityLife Hospital Ltd- empanelment extended upto 30.06.2013.
1934-F dt. 06.03.2013 Revised rate list for additional 6 procedures.
1892-F dt. 05.03.2013 Some HCO’s empanelment have been extended upto 30.06.2013.
619-F dt. 24.01.2013 Two private Health Care Organisations.
90-F dt. 03.01.2013 Nomination of Member of the WBHS Authority.
10624-F dt. 31.12.2012 Extension order of some HCO.
10623-F dt. 31.12.2012 Empannelment of Meridian Medical Research & Hospital Ltd.
9632-F dt. 29.11.2012 Revised rate of hiring charges of CPAP, BiPAP.
8876-F dt. 31.10.2012 Extension of Empanelment of HCO’s.
8749-F dt. 18.10.2012 Power of Secretaries to dispose Medical reimbursement.
8687-F dt. 16.10.2012 Cost of Generic Medicines in non-empanelled HCO.
8391-F dt. 05.10.2012 Health Scheme for the employees of National Capital Region.
8261-F dt. 28.09.2012 Extension of Empanelment of HCOs upto 31.12.12
8246-F dt. 28.09.2012 Medical benefits under WBHS, 2008 for State Govt. pensioners/ family pensioners.
7799-F dt. 11.09.2012 Temporary empannelment of 2 (two) HCO
7641-F dt. 06.09.2012 Rate of Operation of Trigger Finger of Children under GA is approved
7578-F dt. 04.09.2012 Further guidelines for empanelled Health Care Units for Medical Treatment.
7348-F dt. 27.08.2012 Empanneled Aditya Medical Park under WBHS as Class – 1 service provider.
Nil Empanelment of PPP Cell, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal.
6731-F dt. 03.08.2012 Sanjiban Hospital, assessed as Class – I Service Provider.
6508-F dt. 27.07.2012 Reimbursement of medical expenses on Medical Insurance Policy.
6503-F dt. 27.07.2012 Rate of Chemoport and BCR abl transcript quantification
5986-F dt. 12.07.2012 Extension of Enrolment up to 31.03.2013
5560-F dt. 29.06.2012 Renewal of Empanelment of HCOs
5557-F dt. 29.06.2012 Extension of Empanelment of HCOs upto 30.09.2012
5262-F dt. 21.06.2012 Nomination of Dr. Asit Mandal as member of WBHS Authrity
4040-F dt. 15.05.2012 Belle Vue Clinic as Class 1 multispeciality hospital
3893-F dt. 10.05.2012 Corrigendum for HCO Belle Vue Clinic
3463-F dt. 25.04.2012 Empanellment of HCO-Specialist Clinics and Diagnostics
2604-F dt. 28.03.2012 Twenty Two Nos. New H.C.O.s Empaneled.
2311-F dt. 19.03.2012 New Enlistment of two H.C.O.
1696-F dt. 27.02.2012 New enlistment of two Health Care Organisations.
511-F dt. 17.01.2012 Implementation of Health Scheme, 2008
11556-F dt. 27.12.2011 Extension of empanelment up to 31.03.2012.
11254-F dt. 16.12.2011 Clarifications of WBHS 2008.
11253-F dt. 16.12.2011 Further Guidelines for Medical treatment under WBHS.
7287-F dt. 19.09.2008
6722-F dt. 09.07.2009
10531-F dt. 10.11.2010
8014-F dt. 30.07.2010
8435-F dt. 29.08.2011
8219-F dt. 19.08.2011
3473-F dt. 11.05.2009
2618-F dt. 05.04.2011
8015-F dt. 30.07.2010
West Bengal Health Scheme Order with Clarifications and Govt. Decisions.
10501-F dt. 18.11.2011 Introduction of T.R. Form No. 68, Form No. 68A.
10539-F dt. 21.11.2011 Reimbursement for indoor medical treatment in a non-empanelled hospital.
9803-F dt. 25.10.2011 Extension of empanelment up to 31.12.2011 of few HCOs.
9431-F dt. 12.10.2011 Inclusion of Divine Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.
9430-F dt. 12.10.2011 Inclusion of B.P. Poddar Hospital & Medical Research Ltd.
9022-F dt. 16.09.2011 Enrollment of retired AIS under Health Scheme
9021-F dt. 16.09.2011 Extension of Health Scheme to Retired AIS members
8435-F dt. 29.08.2011 Enrollment under Health Scheme Extended upto 31.03.2012.
8219-F dt. 19.08.2011 Option for enrollment under Health Scheme by the retired Govt. Employee.
7456-F dt. 25.07.2011 Furnishing report for preparation of master data.
6953-F dt. 11.07.2011 All Forms Collection.
6586-F dt. 29.06.2011 List of Inadmissible items under WBHS.
Nil Agreement of Hospitals / Diagnostic Centers with Govt.of West Bengal (MOA).
1511-F dt. 25.02.2011 Empanelment Criterion of Health Care Organizations.
797-F dt. 31.01.2011 Settlement of Claim, Non recognized institution.
796-F dt. 31.01.2011 Guidelines i.c.w. Medical attendance and Treatment under WBHS
11604-F dt. 16.12.2010
172-F dt. 07.01.2011
Inclusion of few HCOs.
11593-F dt. 16.12.2010 Completion of Enrollment, Last Reminder.
11186-F dt. 03.12.2010 Completion of Enrollment before 31.12.2010, reiterated.
10734-F dt. 18.11.2010
10795-F dt. 22.11.2010
10804-F dt. 22.11.2010
Memorandum for pensioners.
10529-F dt. 10.11.2010
10530-F dt. 10.11.2010
10531-F dt. 10.11.2010
Date of Enrollment, income of parents considered as beneficiary.
8634-F dt. 24.08.2010
10079-F dt. 19.10.2010
Inclusion of few Health Care Organizations.
8016-F dt. 30.07.2010 Amendment to WB Health Scheme, 2008.
8015-F dt. 30.07.2010 Amendment to WB Health Scheme, 2008.
8014-F dt. 30.07.2010 Amendment to WB Health Scheme, 2008.
3980-F dt. 21.05.2010 Inclusion of Advanced Medicare & Research Institute (AMRI).
7637-F dt. 04.08.2009 Controlling Authority of refund under Health Scheme
6278-F dt. 29.06.2009
6722-F dt. 09.07.2009
7071-F dt. 20.07.2009
7639-F dt. 04.08.2009
8102-F dt. 18.08.2009
8704-F dt. 08.09.2009
8819-F dt. 14.09.2009
8820-F dt. 14.09.2009
9205-F dt. 05.10.2009
9635-F dt. 23.10.2009
10452-F dt. 23.11.2009
11235-F dt. 22.12.2009
524-F dt. 22.01.2010
525-F dt. 22.01.2010
589-F dt. 27.01.2010
2926-PAR dt. 30.10.2009
9615-For dt. 24.11.2009
68-P.S. dt. 11.01.2010
Collection of G.O.s regarding West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.
1707-F dt. 08.03.2010
1708-F dt. 08.03.2010
2249-F dt. 24.03.2010
2895-F dt. 20.04.2010
Collection of G.O.s regarding West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.
7287-F dt. 19.09.2008
3472-F dt. 11.05.2009
3473-F dt. 11.05.2009
3474-F dt. 11.05.2009
3475-F dt. 11.05.2009
West Bengal Health Scheme 2008 (First Publication).

Courtesy: Finance Department


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  1. AEEPM9064N says

    I am now working in B D O office. when I am submitting the OPD bill for reimbursement the authority refuse the bill. In this regard please inform me how many OPD bill will be claim in a year for reimbursement. Pradyot Mandal.

  2. amit naskar says

    i am facing some problem at the time of fill up health scheme 2008 on line. my data has been registrar ed as WB/EMP/06/000012974, but no print option of filled up form came to my online registration. please cancelled my above registration by which i can fill again.

  3. prosanna mukherjee says

    sir, kindly let me know as to whether treatment of dental problem under a dentist in the chamber will be covered under the WBHS 2008. also will reimbursement be given for dental treatment if not admitted in the hospital.

  4. Naba Kumar Das says

    Murshidabad Collectorate er under e at present posting at Sub-Divisional Officer’s Office, Kandi, Health Scheme-2008 Cashless online registration e Office location type ki habe?


      I am now working Block level Office under Directorate of Land & Land Reforms department, When I am trying to fill my office details in online WBHS-2008 scheme, then the Regional office name portion under Block level have not given to write my office name. How can I solve the problem to enroll my name in online process.
      Thanking You,

  5. sk ruhul amin says

    My basic pension is Rs.9870/=including commutation i am eager know which diseases are included in
    outdoor treatment such as high pressure,normal eye checkup ,malaria,fever etc.
    I enrolled in the scheme.I want to know can i do ordinary disease treatment i n the enlisted hospitals?

  6. asim kumar saha says

    I leave in Cooch Behar, work in Cooch Behar Collectorate i e D M Office, I want to know regarding the provisions of treatment of accidental cases ? is there any provision to get 100% claim by getting treatment in any non empaneled concern ?

    Please write me detail in my given mail i d by coating the respective G O’s.

  7. KUNTAL says

    If one Govt. employee enrolled his/her name in WBHS ‘2008 and get a white card and after that when his/her pay (Basic + Grade Pay) increased to above Rs. 18000/- then he /she will be entitled to get the pink card instead of white card. Now I want to know the procedure. Help me….

  8. riajuddin mandal says

    Suppose you get medical bill from wbhs-2008.Is it considerable in my income and should that reflect to tax calculation?
    Please reply.

  9. Uttam Kr Nayak says

    I have hard that west Bengal govt has announced that up to 1 lak will be cash less if a govt employee ,who is under the hospitalization scheme,is hospitalized.Is it true?please inform me

    • Nitish Biswas says

      One Female govt. employee want to enroll under WBHS.Her husband is a business man and earn more than 10000(Rupees ten thousand) per month.Can her husband get benifit of wbhs? Please reply soon.

      • Nitish Biswas says

        One Female govt. employee want to enroll under WBHS.Her husband is a business man and earn more than 10000(Rupees ten thousand) per month.Can her husband get benifit of wbhs? Please reply soon.

  10. bhagya lakshmi manna says

    ami akjon 2nd anm( helth contractual govt of wb ) ami amer didir surrogate mother hote chiche karon amar didir koko child nai barbar misscarage hoyeche, ami koto din maternity leave pabo pls help me

  11. Gopinath Sengupta says

    incase of an opd treatment whether a separate bill on the same dated prescription can be presented to the HOO if the billed amount exceeds the limit of rupees 3000 perticularly when the duration of intake of same medicine continues for a long period. Reply solicited.

    • KUNTAL says

      as per my knowledge you can.
      Please see the Notification No. 647-F(MED)WB dated 27.02.2014 of Ld. Principal Secretary to the Govt. of W.B.

      thank you.

  12. SUDIP BEJ says

    The cashless benefit of Rs 1,00,000 under WBHS-2008 is a landmark decision taken by the Hon’ble CM Mamata banarjee .Thanks a lot for taking a such decesion .
    Reimbursement of OUTDOOR treatment of all deasease in empanelled/non-empanelled hospitals/RMO’s may kindly be introduced in the line of CENTRAL GOVT HEALTH SCHEME ( CGHS) which will greatly help the pensioner/family pensioners to save their soul .
    thanks to our hon’ble CM FOR HER GREAT EFFORT REGARDING WBHS-2008

  13. Subhendu Bikash Pati says

    I am very glad to know that our Honble, CM Govt. of West Bengal declared that the The health Scheme-2008 will be cash less upto Rs.100.000 . I there fore request kindly send me the Govt. Order of the same.

  14. Rajkumar Das says

    My self mr.RAJKUMAR DAS. Employee of west bengal fire service (branch A4 tollygung fire station). My employee id fire operator 2145. I had a major heart attack so i take a press maker from saltlake kolkata AMRI under west bengal health scheme 2008. I apply for reimbursement of Rs. 147251 (one lakh forty seven thousands two hundreds and fifty one only). On dated 29th January 2013. Ref memo no : FSA/70/2013. Another two memo no is- WBFES/ACCTS/WBHS/293/A/S.
    WBFES 6697/1 (2)/ACCTS/293/A/S on dated 1st February 2013.
    Kindly inform me 1year passed when i get the reimbursement amount. Also i want to know current status of my file.
    Please solve my problem & reply as soon as possible.

    • Rajkumar Das says

      Plz solve my problem. When i get my reambersment amount of rs 147251? I deposited file at 1st feb 2013. Plz reply in my email id(soumita.nikon1@gmail.com) as soon as possible.
      Thanking you

  15. subhash purkait says

    in case of non empannaled nurshig homes if the actual cost is lower than the approved rate then which will be the admissable amount and 60% of which amount will be reimbrushed the approved rate or the actual cost. please advise.

  16. Saroj Kumar Subb says

    Sir, I work in District Court of Darjeeling and I’m registered under WBHS’08 and I have health card. Recently I have tested my ear with the local doctor and he prescribed me to put on hearing aids and accordingly I got my ear examined with the technician deputed by reputed Bengal Speech & hearing aids. Since such facilities are not available in any nursing home t hat too is non-empanelled one in Darjeeling. So I bought hearing aids from the bengal Speech & hearing aids Co. So am I eligible for entitlement to the cost of hearing aids and the charge for testing my ears? Please reply me soon.

  17. biplab roy says

    due to some communication gap being in service under the directorate of commercial taxes i still remain out of the scheme, hence my question is whether further extension of date will be announced shortly for enrollment?

  18. Sandipan Chanda says

    I am a employee of Gram Panchayat. I have done my kidney transplant at RTIICS, Kolkata on 11th November, 2013. can I go for reimbursement claim for the same? How can I get handicapped certificate after kidney transplantation?

  19. Sudipta Saha says

    I am under treatment in the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata for the dieses B-Thallasaemia. They always made bill for the item ‘Infusion Pump’ amounting to Rs. 300/- for blood transfusion, which is not in the up to date rate list of WBHS. Can I bill for the item or be refunded by the Government ? This is a great monetary loss for me.

  20. babai says

    i have applied for enrolment last week of march 2013, but due to office procedure till date i have got health card till date and my DDO give the medical allowance till date. my question is that when they issue the medical card from then onward my MA deducted or not ?

  21. BABAI, AD says

    i have applied for enrolment last week of march 2013, but due to office procedure till date i have got health card till date and my DDO give the medical allowance till date. my question is that when they issue the medical card from then onward my MA deducted or not ?

  22. Rajat Sur says

    There is no empanneled HCO under WBHS-08 doing dental treatment in siliguri, I am suffering dental problem, Dr. has advised me for RCT. There is no dental hospital also, all are Dentists chambers with such facilities. What do I do? How much reimbursement will I get if I do treatment from such Dr’s? Please Advice me.

  23. Ratan KUmar Lala, UDC, SDO,Jangipur says

    I am facing trouble to pass the bill of WBHS-2008 due to several disease prescribed by the doctor alongwith heart disease which is list for OPD list. Employee submit the bill mentioning heart disease and doctor signed in D1 form. I think it is a bad practice ,. But what can I do for this type of bill. Kindly acknowledge me by email as soon as possible.
    Thanking You.

    Ratan Lala, UDC, C/o SDO’s office,Jangipur.


      I am Sri anil chandra pramanik under treatment in the R. N. Tagore hospital, kolkata for the dieses of CABG under WBHS 2008. Lastly when I submitted (8/10/2013) my medical test reports and medicine bill through proper channel in our jalpaiguri SD hospital, they says this scheme is no more valid from 30th September 2013, if amendment is done further, then my clam amount has been reimburse. If it is true or not? and 2nd this scheme is not valid or my Hospital R.N . Tagore is not further renewal there agreement license. Please reply.

  24. dr subrata hazra says

    I have done my father’s(a beneficiary of west Bengal health scheme) By pass cardiac surgery from Anandaloke Hospital ,salt lake. can I get the money from west Bengal health scheme?

  25. Udita Das says

    My father is a state govt. employee and a member of West Bengal Health scheme 2008.If he takes outdoor treatment of any impaneled govt. recognized hospital, can he claim all the facilities of medical bill? please guide……

  26. A.K. Mondal says

    I have retired on 30/04/2012 on superannuation and opt.to adherent to the W.B. health Scheme 2008 My medical allowances is being deducted from my pension from May 2012 accordingly My health card has been issued to me on 28/05/2013 (just one year after) after requesting several times in verbal then writing. After that it is observed from that cards that my entitlement of accommodation is General Ward ( lower than before) if though , that was Semi-private Ward when I was in service. My present Basic pension is Rs. 9505/-( including Commutation amt.) I noticed it to the issuing officer ( Sub Divisional Information and Cultural Office Kalyani, Nadia )about this anomalies but the office said to me as the Department Of I &C.A has issued this card we have nothing to do any thing in this regard. Is it correct? if not what should I do, plz advice me, the office is misbehaving with me in this point.

  27. A K Chatterjee says

    I Had a Stage II malignant tumor in my single Kidney & Had to be operated on an emergency basis at JASLOK HOSPITAL , MUMBAI During March’2007 . Retired on Oct’2008. Since then , I have to go every year for Checkup & Investigation. The cost is about Rs 12000/- per year. Will I get the cost reimbursed from my Directorate. I Retired as a District Head official. Reply at my email

  28. suranjan bhattacharya says

    Will we not get any facilities for treatment in any other state hospital out side West Bengal where the treatment facilities are better than our state ?

  29. barun kumar chakraborty says

    1.is it not possible to make w.b.h.s.2008 as cash less fecility?
    2.please enter “teeth” in w.b.h.s.2008.
    3.please enter “all disease”(asukh) in w.b.h.s.2008.
    thank you

  30. Sujay Datta says

    I apply for Enrollment In West Bengal Health Scheme 2008 in Schedule date But Due to Miscommunication & improper filling of the form from Office I have not get Medical card. Can I get Medical Card by any correspondences?

  31. Sujay Datta says

    I apply for Enrollment In West Bengal Health Scheme 2008 in Schedule date But Due to Miscommunication & inproper filling of the form from Office I have not get Medical card. Can I get Medical Card by any correspondences?

  32. chandrasekhar mazumdar says

    an employee get treatment from enlisted private nursing home at out door patient dept and submit the bill of several testing such as pathology etc but it is out of the 10 nos scheduled disease. nursing home concerned put signature of such bill and insisted to patient that the testing bill is valid.Is it valid?

  33. Dr.Tapan Kumar Biswas says

    7th june”2012
    I have checked my acute dental problem in SMILE & PROFILE at Kolkata as a outpatient on emergency basis. They operated 3 RCT and 1 Extraction and fixed 6 nos of teeth.The total amount of bill which i have to pay is rs- 29000/-.Now the question is can i get reimburse the said amount as per wb health scheme 2008.

  34. Siddhartha Sankar Roy says

    I am a Diabetic Patient. Under the Treatment of C.M.C.H. Velore since 1998. I am to take Medicine regularly as per the Prescription of Doctor of Vellore & have to check up Blood at a regular interval. Then how can I get the cost of Medicine & Blood Test under W.B. Health Scheme 2008.

  35. TUMPA ROY says

    I am a staff nurse grade-II, I don’t know about the last date for enrollment of west bengal health scheme. Should I apply now for WBHS 2008 Scheme? How is it possible?

  36. BINOY RATHI says

    I am an employee of Kuliana Gram Panchayat under Gopiballavpur-II Block. As we are employees of Gram Panchayat we did not avail the facilities of West Bengal Health Scheme. Please let know when Gram Panchayat employees inclueded in this scheme.

  37. SWAROOP GIRI says

    I am an employee of Chorchita Gram Panchayat under Gopiballavpur-II Block. As we are employees of Gram Panchayat we did not avail the facilities of West Bengal Health Scheme. Please let know when Gram Panchayat employees inclueded in this scheme.

  38. susanta ghosh says

    I am a post CABG patient. Recently Dr. advice me to MRI cardiac test . But there is no rate list in west bengal health scheme.how should I refund the amount ?let me know.

  39. Ashis says

    Pse let me know the the clear list of OPD diseases come under wb Health scheme,2008. What type of diseases covered by sl. no. XI listed in form D1

  40. P.K.Paul says

    My son became hospitalized on 22nd January 2012 for his treatment in Apollo Glenagles Hospital, but at that time he was 7+ months age having without WB health card. How my son will get benefit ? I am a WB Health card Holder.

  41. puraskar says

    insulin dependent diabetes patient, heart disease(bye-pass surgery done) patient,neurological patients ——have been submitting bills(for OPD treatment) for every month, the concerned medical institutions are also countersigning the bills in form D1,——————are all of the bills allowable to be passed for payment? pl advice early because the concerned employees are pressing hard for the same.

  42. Anonymous says

    I am a state government employee posted in Purulia have a grievance regarding West Bengal Health Scheme 2008. Sir, I am covered by the West Bengal Health Scheme 2008. I need to regularly do medical check-ups of my wife in different empanelled private hospitals under the scheme. I have received reimbursements for such OPD check-ups before as well.

    But, on the last occasion an objection was given on my reimbursement form by Purulia’s Treasury Officer and it was again put on stand the second time, even after I sent all the requisite documents and orders. The objection was given as : OPD Treatment should not be allowed as per order no. 10539 F[MED] dated 21/11/11 finance department by the Treasury Officer, Mr. Madhu Sudan Naskar.

    But the said order is for non-empanelled hospitals only. But I did my wife’s check-up in Desun Hospital, Kolkata which is an empanelled hospital under West Bengal Health Scheme 2008. Desun Hospital’s empanelled code is: 0411001.

    Thus, I am eligible for reimbursement as Desun Hospital is an empanelled hospital. Further Sir, the following link of the Order No 10539-F[MED] dated 21/11/11 gives a clear picture that the order is for non-empanelled hospitals only:

  43. puraskar says

    a patient having nerve problem has been submitting bills for OPD treatment on monthly basis. is he allowed to get it be reimbursed all the bills or allowed only for the first one?pl advice.


    Medical advance was sanctioned in my favour under WBHS 2008. But now, how should I refund the excess amount according to Govt. norms. Please guide me immediately. Thanking you,

  45. abhisek ray says

    Dr has provided with an estimate of Rs100000 for ventral hernia repair, including disposal amounting to Rs57000. will u inform me about the amount reimbursable?

  46. biplab roy says

    currently i am working as assistant teacher in a govt aided school , recruited by wbssc , am i eligible for west bengal health scheme. if yes then how do i enrolled. if not then, is there any govt medical facility for us.

  47. Dipankar Acharya says

    I am to join foreign service (a corporation substantially financed by govt) on deputation. Can I claim outstanding 50% of the 3rd instalment before getting release from the govt office?

  48. anonymous says

    if prior to entry into WBHS’2008, a member was having treatment at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai under Economy category patient, will he be allowed to continue the same treatment at the said hospital & reimbursed

  49. says

    9: In case of Indoor treatment at enlisted Health Care Organisations (H.C.O.) don't bother about package. Total claim will be reimbursed upon scrutiny from respective authority. If any objection arise regarding the admissibility of the disease, then, let it be clarified by the H.C.O.

  50. says

    He is not entitled to get the cost of follow up medicine for heart disease except cardiac surgery.
    Cost of one time treatment in OPD should be reimbursed. Indoor / OPD treatment must be mentioned in Form – D by the treating Specialist. In case of Indoor treatment counter signature of Medical Superintendent is essential. Necessary declaration by the Pensioner in Form – C is sufficient. In case of Indoor treatment the pensioner claimed 11300/- as Coronary Angiography (1 day's package). As per revised rate list the new rate for the item will be 11700/-. No other charges as claimed by the pensioner is admissible. Because approved package rate is inclusive of all other charges (18 nos.) as mentioned in the Scheme. He may thus be granted Rs. 11300/- only.

  51. says

    As per Rule 14.1 of Agreement of West Bengal Health Scheme 2008, "All bills and papers related to the beneficiaries treatment shall be handed over in original along with the necessary counter signatures by the authorised persons."
    As per Rule 15.1, "If any dispute or difference of any kind whatsoever (the decision whereof is not herein otherwise provided for) shall arise between the Authority of the WBHS 2008 and the Hospital / Diagnostic Centre upon or in relation to or in connection with or arising out of the Agreement, shall be referred to for arbitration by the Director of Medical Education, West Bengal, who shall give written award of his decision to the Parties. The decision of the Director of Medical Education, West Bengal shall be final and binding. The provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (26 of 1996) shall apply to the arbitration proceedings. The venue of the arbitration proceedings shall be at Kolkata."

    So just start a discussion with the Hospital authority that you are going to act as per the said rule and going to take legal action. Always keep received copy of your application as a proof.
    By the by, you may also contact Medical Cell at Writer’s Buildings for necessary guidance in this regard. Enter Writer’s Buildings through Gate No. 1, and then at the Ground Floor you can find ‘Medical Cell’.