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Public Works Department, West Bengal

PWD provides infrastructural support to all the departments directly under the Govt of West Bengal as well as different semi-Govt/ Govt Undertakings etc.

1658-R dt. 19.12.2018 Updation of Data in Samiksha on Fortnightly Basis
342 dt. 20.11.2018 Duties and Responsibilities of Chief Engineer Electrical, PWD
603-R dt. 14.05.2018 Updation of Data in Samiksha on Fortnightly Basis
148-C dt. 16.03.2018 Instant Release of EMD for Unsuccessful Bidders
6873-PW dt. 29.01.2018 Financial Power for Sanctioning any Extra Item
6754-PW dt. 18.12.2017 Sanction of In-lieu Item and Excess Quantity
5951-PW dt. 02.11.2017 Release of Security Deposit/ Bank Guarantee to Contractor
5984-PW dt. 12.09.2017 Duration of Defect Liability Period in Govt. Works
2117-E dt. 20.06.2017 Duties and Responsibilities of Junior Engineers under PWD
111 dt. 07.04.2017 Inclusion of Work Charged Employees under Health Scheme
773-E dt. 14.03.2017 Recruitment Committee for Appointment under Die-in Harness
178-W dt. 09.03.2017 Rule 220 of PWD Code regarding Post-Tender Negotiation
66-W dt. 02.02.2017 Installation of Mobile Tower on Government Buildings
4042-E dt. 27.12.2016 Income Tax Treatment on Interest on House Building Advance
474-W dt. 07.09.2016 Certificates before release of Contractors Payment
200-CS dt. 28.03.2016 Provide CUG Mobile Service to Engineer Officers under PWD
33 dt. 25.02.2016 Creation of 234 posts of Electrical Engineers in P.W.Dte.
32 dt. 25.02.2016 Restructuring Circles, Divisions, Sub-Divisions of PWD (Elect)
31 dt. 25.02.2016 Recruitment Rules for Work Assistant (Electrical) under PWD
30 dt. 25.02.2016 Recruitment Rules for Engineers under PWD (Mechanical)
29 dt. 25.02.2016 Recruitment Rules for Engineers under PWD (Electrical)
28 dt. 25.02.2016 Recruitment Rules for Engineers under Public Works (Civil)
17 dt. 09.02.2016 Self Financing Housing Scheme for Senior Level IAS Officers
01 dt. 08.01.2016 Constitution of Safety Cell under Public Works Department
186 dt. 31.12.2015 Minimum required APR Rating for Promotion to Chief Engineer
185 dt. 31.12.2015 Post Creation of Joint Secretary at Public Works Department
547-W dt. 16.11.2015 Suspension and Debarment of Contractor, Supplier and Consultant
154 dt. 30.09.2015 New Scheme for Monetary Reward to Engineers/ Architects
153 dt. 30.09.2015 Allowing higher scale of pay to 41 Superintending Engineers
06-W dt. 16.07.2015 Time-Frame of Contractors Bill Submission by SAE, AE and EE
180-SPW dt. 09.06.2015 Visit of State headquarters with prior permission by field officers
05-CRC dt. 02.04.2015 Technical Sanction for Repair Works in Residence – PWD Code
04-A/PW dt. 18.03.2015 Credential Policy Modification: Amendment in PWD Code
03-A/PW dt. 12.03.2015 Credential Policy : Amendment in PWD Code
78-W dt. 03.03.2015 Levy of vetting fee for checking of plans, estimates, tender papers, etc.
75-W dt. 03.03.2015 Categorisation of Lift for Installation in Govt. Buildings
29 dt. 19.02.2015 30 Off Days to Contractual Computer Operators
3629-E dt. 08.12.2014 Deployment of AE and SAE on Contractual basis
410-A/PW dt. 01.12.2014 Determination of Eligibility for Selection of Contractors
49-Works dt. 18.11.2014 Preparation of DPR (Electrical) as per National Building Code
338-SPW dt. 18.11.2014 Guidelines and Procedures to get Estimates vetted by PWD
2648-E dt. 25.08.2014
2647-E dt. 25.08.2014
2646-E dt. 25.08.2014
2645-E dt. 25.08.2014
Procedure of Preparation of APR in r/o Engineer Officers
716-W dt. 19.08.2014 Vetting of Estimate of Works originating in Districts/ Kolkata
206 dt. 14.08.2014 Post Upgrade from Deputy Secretary to Joint Secretary in PWD
137 dt. 24.04.2014 Amendment in Public Works Department Code
82 dt. 28.03.2014 New Designation and Office of DDOs in PWD Electrical and Mechanical
70 dt. 04.03.2014 Posts and Staff Strengths of Zonal Chief Engineers, P.W.Dte
66 dt. 04.03.2014 Restructuring of Public Works Department
40 dt. 25.02.2014 Reorganizing Electrical and Mechanical Circles under PWD
33 dt. 12.02.2014 Shifting of DDO to New Treasury due to Re-Organization
24-A dt. 31.01.2014 Security Deposit and Earnest Money: Amendment in PWD Code
02-CRC dt. 29.01.2014 Reconstitution of Tender Committee of Public Works Department
24 dt. 29.01.2014 Jurisdiction of Sub-Divisions under various NH Divisions of PW (R) Dte.
22 dt. 29.01.2014 Reallocation of duties of NH Divisions under NH Wing of P.W. (Roads) Dte.
05 dt. 06.01.2014 Engagement of Assistant Engineer, PWD on Contractual Basis
236 dt. 27.12.2013 Reorganization of Circles under PW Dte., PW (R) Dte. and PW (CB) Dte.
182 dt. 25.09.2013 Engagement of Sub-Assistant Engineers on Contractual Basis
551-G dt. 27.08.13 Prior Permission before Purchase/ Sell of Movable/ Immovable Property
140 dt. 16.08.2013 Transfer Policy of Personal Assistant working under P.W. Department
135 dt. 08.08.2013 Re-organization of Caretaking Establishments of Govt. Buildings
01-W dt. 02.08.2013 Appointment of Consultant for preparation of Detailed Project Report
131(A) dt 31.07.2013 Dissolve of PWD Construction Board Branch
68 dt. 28.03.2013 Restructuring of PWD Civil Circles, Divisions
67 dt. 28.03.2013 Restructuring of PWD Electrical Circles, Divisions
56 dt. 14.03.2013 Annual Performance Report (APR)
336-E dt. 12.02.2013 Method of Appearing Recruitment Examination conducted by PSC
198-CRC dt. 21.12.2012 Public Works Department Code – an Amendment
201 dt. 18.12.2012 Appointment and Transfer of Group – D Employees under PWD
3484-E dt. 05.12.2012 Transfer Policy of Head Assistant /Head Clerk /UDC/ LDC/ Typist
2980 dt. 05.09.2012 Submission of Declaration of Assets Statement
360-E dt. 21.02.2012 Transfer and Posting Policy of Sub-Assistant Engineers
PW-692 dt. 09.09.2011 Broad Band connection or Data Card for all SEs and EEs
603-R dt. 07.08.2008 Guidelines for Reservation of Rooms of Inspection Bungalows
340-A dt. 09.06.2007 Functions of the Tender Committee – Public Works Rules 1987
662-E dt. 24.05.2007 Redesignation of Technical Posts (Duties & Responsibilities)
226-E dt. 01.03.2006 Special Pay of Head Estimator under rule 5 of WBSR – I